New In Geoffrey 2.0

Web Interface

Geoffrey 2.0 features a web interface that allows users to easily access information about locations in Geoffrey.

Currently, the web interface is read-only. All data still needs to be entered with the Discord bot.

Multiple Owners Per Location

As requested by many, locations can now have more than one owner. All owners of a location have full power to modify the location so only add owners you can trust!:

?add_base 250 300 Triple D
?add_owner Guy_Fieri Triple D

New Location Types

Many requested location types have been added to Geoffrey:


Towns are like bases except they can have multiple residents living at them.:

?add_town 250 300 Flavor Town
?add_resident Guy_Fieri Flavor Town

Public Farms

Public farms are any location that can be used to farm a resource. This could be a mining desert or a skelly grinder. Resources can be added to farms to allow others to find it easily.:

?add_farm 250 300 Flavor Farm
?add_resource "Bomb Flavors" Flavor Farm
?find_farm sed


Locations that are for fun or good to look at. This would be used for minigame areas or impressive builds.:

?add_attraction 250 500 Statue of Guy Fieri