Geoffrey Setup


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Geoffrey is a Django application. To install Geoffrey, you need to have a Django site already setup instructions to do that can be found here

Installing GeoffreyApp From Source

1. Download Geoffrey by cloning it

git clone GeoffreyApp

2. Change directories into GeoffreyApp

cd GeoffreyApp/

3. Install Geoffrey as a module

pip3 install -e .

Integrate Geoffrey Into a Django Project

1. In add GeoffreyApp to INSTALLED_APPS


2. Once installed, run the migrations to setup the database for the first time

python makemigrations
python migrate

3. Then add the URLs to your projects’s

path('GeoffreyApp/', include('GeoffreyApp.urls')),

Setup Settings

To setup your for Geoffrey, checkout Django Settings

Enable Username Updates

Minecraft usernames in Geoffrey can be updated using the update_mc_username sub-command:

python update_mc_username

To handle username updates automatically, an external scheduling program should be used. Below is an example of how to do this with a Linux cron job:


source "$PATH_TO_VENV/bin/activate"

python $PATH_TO_GEOFFREY_MANAGE update_mc_username


The above script should be placed in the appropriate /etc/cron. directory.