Django Settings

Geoffrey App Settings

GEOFFREY_NORTH_TUNNEL - String: North Nether tunnel name

GEOFFREY_EAST_TUNNEL - String: East Nether tunnel name

GEOFFREY_SOUTH_TUNNEL - String: South Nether tunnel name

GEOFFREY_WEST_TUNNEL - String: West Nether tunnel name


GEOFFREY_DYNMAP_WORLD_NAME - String: Overworld name for dynmap

GEOFFREY_MCM_API_TOKEN - String: Token for accessing the MCM API

GEOFFREY_MCM_BASE_URL - String: MCM base link

Geoffrey Discord Bot Settings

GEOFFREY_BOT_PREFIX - Character: Discord bot prefix

GEOFFREY_BOT_ERROR_USERS - List of Strings: Discord user IDs to send a PM on an error

GEOFFREY_BOT_MOD_RANK - List of Strings: Rank IDs to grant mod privileges to

GEOFFREY_BOT_STATUS - String: Default bot playing stats